Not enough talk....

Lame kan tak update blog. Mood itu penting! Tunggulah layout baru yg tak siap2. Bkn gempak pon....taip tak siap2 gak. Ini terjadi pabila kemalasan menguasai diri.

わからない... lately rase tak tenteram. I guess fatigue causing me to feel depressed too. Aku jenis ape aku nak buat aku buat , ape aku taknak buat, aku takkan buat, without considering the physical condition. I should rest. I have to take a break. でも、できないようね...
Everybody tells me that it's so hard to make, it's so hard to break in. There's no way to fake it. Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling. I shouldn't believe in the dreams that I'm dreaming. Tell me something I don't know~ *O yea russo, I love it.*

I'm still in debt with someone. Need to settle all by tomorrow or else I'm dead. Dang, if only I have some superpower, I would surely b wanting mind reader speciality. So that I won't get curious feeling bout anyone.

Every chapter in life changes from time to time. It's up to freakin me to do da math. Likes and hates all got mixed up. *sigh*

That's random no.1

Now random no.2...

実は、羨ましいなー....... かれしが ほしい~~ ね いつ?
This is a serious matter ppl. hahaha.......

k, random no.3

Aku tak nyesal tak masok demo. 1st time tak nyesal. haha. I should regret more bout my leg condition. Srikandi, I still think da best demo was back when we hadto fight in mud. It's so actionate! *I so made that up*

random no.4
Oh oh.. anyone watched SBS IDOL?!?? Dude ~! CL's hat ! It's ELMO! same like MY elmo-towel ~! wakaka... YG as closing; ROCKS! Yep, I'm biased.. blacljack.vip just don't care.. la la la

random no.5
みんな わかりますよね、パイのを 弾く... でも、 got addicted to the internet is not a good thing. Even lost my scorebook, how can u say that's a piano lover for u. *sigh* I need more flipper, people.. haha...

finally, I love selena.. k bye~

mood : bouncy

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hikari said...

ku terpegon tgk baju bunge tuh..dr elmo..

wohooo..updatela slaloo