[AKTF JYJ] Thanks RADIO 21

I didn't update my blog for so long although I have so many ........damn many things to post here....
Anyway I have to spread this words to everyone !
2010-12-05 02:19:43 
We will be playing JYJ full songs for the fans.
Between 2:20 am and 10am, we will officially broadcast JYJ’s music that is now unable to be played on regular broadcasting networks.
Of course, both sides have problems… there are a lot of things they ought to say to each other.
However, for SM which has a representative Mr. Lee Soo Man, who was once a singer himself, to block songs of members that it has raised itself, no matter what the reason is, WE SEE A HUGE PROBLEM WITH SUCH ACTION.
As once a singer himself, he ought to know music more than anyone, so for him to behave like this, we find it very hard to comprehend. On top of that he also in a position as a senior and a parent.
As such, Radio 21 will present to you AN UNLIMITED repeat of JYJ songs, that have not been able to be played officially before, until 10 o’clock in the morning.
Also from now on, we promise that as long as there are requests from listeners, we will play JYJ songs in all our programs at anytime.
Participating in this activity itself is giving power.
And we have made a new category for this. Fans please make a title for the category. … for now, we are temporarily calling it “with JYJ”.
Radio 21 has until now did our best to minimize broadcasting J-Pop.
However JYJ’s J-Pop is something to be proud of.
Sure enough we want to always present to you JYJ’s J-Pop.
Though we are inadequate, from here onwards Radio21 wants to be of assistance to help guarding everyone’s JYJ.

Credits: Radio21 
Trans: Starfield@sharingyoochun
Shared by: Sharingyoochun & DBSKnights 


SOOM obsession

I'm HELLA addicted with this song right now. Even the video is FULLY AWESOME ! I just can't stop watching SOOM !

user posted image

Ha Let me talk about my

차갑게 돌아선 뒷모습에 시간이 잠시 멈춘 듯 해
하얗게 돼버린 머릿속엔 널 잡아야 돼 아니 널 보내야 돼
Oh 널 잊고 살던 널 잊지 못해 울던 나
될 대로 되라지 나도 날 잘 몰라

(Breathe Breathe)

잊어볼래 니가 돌아서면 난 다신 잡지 않을래
[니가 한 번만 한 번만 다시 또] 생각해 달란 말에
더는 고민 안 할래 이제 너를 버릴래

가지 마 나를 떠나가진 마 몇 번을 생각해 봐도
내가 너를 잊기는 힘들 것 같아
잊을 수 없을 것 같아

I can't take my breath breath breath
시간이 갈수록 점점 지나갈수록 oh 난 더
I can't hold my breath breath breath
갈수록 나는 더 자꾸만 내 숨이 막혀 와 내 숨이 yeah

Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha

지워볼래 니 자린 이제 없어 돌아올 곳도 없어
[니가 내게 더 내게 더 오면] 난 더 멀어져 갈 거야
이제 좀 비켜줄래 나는 너를 버릴래

하지 마 돌아서려 하진 마 아무리 생각해 봐도
정말 너를 지우긴 힘들 것 같아 정말 미칠 것 같아

I can't take my breath breath breath
시간이 갈수록 점점 지나갈수록 oh 난 더
I can't hold my breath breath breath
갈수록 나는 더 자꾸만 내 숨이 막혀 와 내 숨이 yeah

Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha
Breath in breath out ha ha

I don't know~
I don't know yeah~

Yes or No 빛이 잠든 밤 불이 꺼진 방 엉켜버린 너에 대한 생각이
풀리지 않아 도대체 뭘 탓해야 조금이나마 위로가 될까
깊었던 사랑이 죄일까 될 대로 되라지 huh 나도 날 잘 몰라




SOOM IS SO DAMN GOOD ! It's my everyday song.. not just everyday, everySEC! I wish I could spazz more but time don't allow me to ~ ><

Lately, I just can't find any free time to talk longer on bloggy ~ aish .... Anyway, I know this went was over a few weeks ago.

A gathering was held at Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur on the 18th of September. We are having this event to celebrate BEAST’s first year anniversary since debut last year. It is also dedicated to Jang Hyun Seung’s (BEAST member) 21st birthday which is on the 3rd of the same month. This event was organized by MyB2UTY’s staffs with the help of My4NIA staffs. The planning changed at times but we finally managed to use Korea Plaza with the big favor from KTO’s (Korean Tour Organization) staffs.

Since this is our first AnniB2STary gathering, we are working hard to make sure it went well. The gathering was attended by more than 30 people which is a long way since our first gathering few months back. We gathered the night before to make the final preparation for the gathering. Yes, we were shopping the whole day on Friday, and we should go again with all B2UTY next time! >3<

The 'we be SRZ BSNZ' staffers

The day started early for organizers, since we have to prepare and make sure everything went as planned. After dealing with some problems, we were so glad seeing more guests arrived and some even donated for MyB2UTY’s project fund. While waiting for more B2UTY to arrive, some were selca-ing, while some were looking through LengChaNaa’s goodies.

Before anything, we need a group photo

We started a bit late from our original plan. The first activities of the day, treasure hunt! 7 groups altogether, running and wandering around the area and looking for BEAST challenges and quizzes. It was a hot Saturday morning. Nevertheless, everyone was very supportive and full of spirit!

Starting the part I game - treasure hunt (more like B2ST hunting)

The game ended and soon after that, we had our lunch break. Although some groups finished quite late and most of us were all tired from the game, at least we got our lunch! >__<

yummy lunch~!

The afternoon session started at 2:30 PM in Korea Plaza. Our special guest, JSY from My4NIA performed 4minute's Muzik, HUH and I My Me Mine. Right after the powerful opening act by JSY, our MCs, JustCircle (Iza Yanti) and YoonHani (Hani) took over the event. MyB2UTY club's president, Miss Nasha also gave a short 'impromptu' speech to welcome all the guests on behalf of the organizing team.

More funs added as we had our 1st round of lucky draw where 5 members managed to win the prizes (sponsored by MyB2UTY staffs). This version of 'lucky' draw was really interesting since the winners were lucky in the most random situations. The event continued with 흰 소리's own live version of 'Just Before Shock' and 'Special'. Next, MyB2UTY's homegrown dance team performed Mystery dance. We are still recruiting team mates anyway. ^^

first place winner for the treasure hunt game

We had our 2nd round of lucky draw and 5 more winners were picked. Just after the fun, MyB2UTY had prepared some prizes for the winning teams from the treasure hunt game. Those hampers were presented by MyB2UTY second admin, Miss Wawa. It didn’t stop right there, next we had an epic dance battle! A member from both 흰 소리 and JSY were challenged by the MC JC herself! JustCircle! The crowds were cheering and so excited as the three challengers dance to the remix of CUBE artists’ songs. We even shouted ‘JunHyung’, ‘G.Na’ and ‘4minute’ during the battle. (Perhaps they imagined like being at Cube Star Party!)

Dance battle between three Cube stars
Bad Girls dance challenge

Right after that, we played a short B2ST clips followed by Oasis performance by MyB2UTY staffs. The climax of the event was B2ST AnniB2STary & Jang Hyunseung’s birthday celebration. We sang the birthday song in four different languages~ >3< The cake and cupcakes were so cute and delicious!

the cake!!!

Before the event came to an end, we had a group photo session and JSY encore performance, with louder cheer and chanting! The MC was also promoting KTO and myb2uty.com, MyB2UTY’s forum page. The guests didn’t miss the chance to roam around Korea plaza and snap some photos. Some of them mentioned that it was their first time at Korea Plaza. Plus, the place is so nice and suitable for events like this.

The event ended well. We hope more B2UTYs could attend such gatherings in future too. We gratefully thanks all B2UTY who attended, even though Raya season still not over, the awesome performers (we will keep supporting you guys), KTO staffs, especially Miss Mae who’s with us along the event, the auntie who make great cakes in a short time (ordered the cake on the bus to KL) and our hardworking staffers!Let’s keep supporting and loving our BEAST boys! 30th September is getting nearer. Who wants more of BEAST and MyB2uty? See you again! Don’t forget to donate for our AnniB2STary Gift Project at myb2uty.com! Annyeonghasaeyo & SO BEAST!

unforgettable & awesome!

staffs & helpers

Cube 'family potrait'

Photos credits goes to: Iznie, Ly

Written by: Hani
Editted by: Nasha


Shuffle TAG !

 It's my turn now ! hoho ~ Some parts are funny n weird n scary.... lol~! 
I feel like posting this everyday just to let my blog stay updated ~ keke... 

Put your itunes/ipod on shuffle
For each question, press the next button and the title of the song is your answer

1. Describe yourself ?
Shake It Up (SuperJunior)

2. What do people feel when they’re around you?
Urin Big Bang (Big Bang) ---- AWESOME !!! We are all BIG BANG *imitates TOP* ! keke

3. Describe your current relationship ?
Good Man (RL) --- Us? lol ~ *yea like there's 'us' for me~ LOL*

4. Where would you like to be right now?
Yet (B2ST) --- e? o_0

5. How do you feel about love?
Drips (SE7EN)

6. What is your life like?
The Leaders (GDragon ft Teddy & CL) --- Woot woot !!!

7. What would you wish for if you only had one wish?
Butterfly (GDragon ft Jin Jung) --- yea, to fly like a butterflyyy ~~~

8. Say something wise ?
Babo (Big Bang) --- LOL!!!!!#R@#%)

9. How would you describe yourself?
Sign (Brown Eyed Girls)

10. What do you look for in a guy?
Put Your Hands Up (Big Bang) --- ALWAYS raise ur hands up to those who wanna b my guy !

11. How do you feel today ?
L.O.V.E (SuperJunior)  --- ... cuz I'll be seeing my brothers today?

12. What’s your life’s purpose?
Somebody To Love (Tohoshinki) --- .... yep yep ~ I'm lacking of love ~

13. What is your motto?
Nur Salawat --- Alhamdulillah ~ akhernye ~

14. What do your friends think of you?
Holding Back The Tears (TVXQ)

15. What do your parents think of you?
What If (SuperJunior) --- what if what huh?nampak sangat diorang ragu2 ngan aku ~ haha

16. What do you think about very often?
Wonder Boy (SuperJunior) --- kakaka~

17. What do you think of your best friend?
A Sinner (Taeyang) --- LOL!!! YOUtachi ! haha ~! U guys r sinners ! cepat2 taubat !
18. What do you think of the person you like?
LOVE (CN Blue) --- ofcuz looo ~

19. What is your life story?
Love Song (SuperJunior M)

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Take Your Hands (Tohoshinki) --- ..... sorete?

21. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Darkness Eyes (Tohoshinki) --- erk!

22. What will you dance to at your wedding?
No? (Tohoshinki) --- yes, so this proves that I'll b marrying Jaejoong since it's his fav song!

23. What will play at your funeral?
My Destiny (Tohoshinki) --- kanashii ....... T_T~

24. Biggest fear?
Our Love (SuperJunior) --- wth with love love all love ?

25. Biggest secret
La La La (Big Bang) --- even I don't get it ~ LOL

Thanks to Nana Unn for the tag !
n now I'm taggin' ...
... so DO IT !

My mp3 loves SuperJunior? Thank u for playing at least 1 Beast... At least i don't feel like betraying my boys ~ ><


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After a really really long time, i finally have the grudge to update my blog ~ muahahaha ~
So this time, It has to be ANIME theme ! n some Eugene. I'm in love with her again. She's such a sweetie in all her drama especially this one ! 

KIM TAK GU ! As there's so many things to talk here after almost 1 year haven't updated anything here, n since I still have many things to be done.. I'll get back here later !

There's just so many things to promote, n to tell all u people. just bare in mind. THERE'S SOMETHING GOING ON WITH BEAST FANS IN MALAYSIA ! YOUtachi can go straight to MYB2UTY forum as I mentioned the link below and check out urself. We just have so many things going on for Beast Anniversary ! the biggest event? GATHERING ! 

i'll b back later.. n currently,  




It's CN BLUE night TONIGHT !!

14th January 2010

Everyone, go to ur TWITTER n twit anything with #CNBlue !
We're gonna make sure they'll hit the top in the trending topic list !

We gotta make the  BLUETORY  project a success !!

Make sure to stay online n start twitting at 8pm KST = 7pm MYT

 Spread the words !
Spread the LOVES !!!

Don't forget to visit


Kehilangan Sahabat yg mulia ..................


Sahabatku, Juniorku di STF dan UIA. Dormateku , b1-7 mase aku form 5.Serta same2 exco da'wah dah ruhiyyah. Awrah meninggal ketika berumur 20 tahun. Meninggal pada hari jumaat jam 6.50ptg.

Ida, Kak lin rindu ida. Tak sangke ida dah takde skang. Ida baaaaaek sangat. Ida slalu buat kak lin seda yg kite patot bersyukur, kite sempurna, sihat. Selagi tulah kite kene sentiase berusehe, dan beribadat selagi blh. Ida slalu nampak happy. Tak pernah pon ida ngadu saket. Stiap kali jumpe ida time kat uia, kak lin tanye, ida mesti ckp ida sehat. Muke sentiase cerie. Tak sangke last time kite jumpe, ida tanye pasal tuka kos. Kak lin bagi guidelin.e Terkilan sbb ida tak sempat abeskan kos. Ida nak masok ICT, ida kate subjek ida amek tok masok ICt tu susah. Same2 kite berusehe mase tu. Tak sangke tu kali terakhir jumpe Ida.
ekgu zawawi announce Nurul Hidayati Hassan batch 0206 telah meninggal dunie. Ya Allah Ida.. luruh jantung ni Ida. Terkejot. Betol ke hidayati yg kak lin kenal. Ke ida laen. Kak lin harap sangat bkn ida. Tapi... tuhan lbh sayangkan Ida. Kak lin bersyukur Ida meninggal hari jumaat. Kak lin sedeh sangat ida. Ida baaek sangat. Ida baek dgn semue org. Ida sentiase cerie walopon dlm hati ida, ida sorang je yg paham. Stiap kali nampak ida kat uia ni, kak lin sedeh tgk keadaan ida, tapi ida sentiase nampak ceria, buat kak lin lupe yg ida tgh saket.

Rase terkilan sangat sbb tak dpt luangkan mase lame2 ngan ida. Ida silat pon tak sempat habes. Sedeh sangat tgk ida terpakse stop silat sbb penyakit Ida. Ida pernah kate ida sedeh tak dpt silat dah mase kat stf. awal sangat ida terpakse stop. Jumpe Ida tgk kami demo mase kat Hafsah, kak lin sedeh tgk ida sedeh.

Kak lin sebenanye terkejot tgk keadaan ida maken terok mase kite jumpe awal2 ida masok uia. Tapi tak terkate. Sedeh dah perit je yg blh kite rase.

TQ ida jadi kwn kite. Kite sayang Ida. Kite akan sentiase do'akan ida aman dan ditempatkan di tempat2 org yg beriman, InsyaAllah Ida. Kak lin takkan lupekan Ida. Ida special sangat. Takde org laen lagi kak lin pernah jumpe mcm Ida. Nanges camne pon ida takde dah. Kalolah kite tau awal, kite nak jumpe gak Ida. Kite nak pelok ida kuat2. nak mintak maaf atas salah silap mase kat stf dulu, sepanjang kite jadi dormate, exco, buat keje same2.

Susah jugak mule2 nak terime hakikat Ida dah takde. Takleh nak terserempak ngan Ida lagi kat UIA ..... Azlin rindu Ida...

TQ ida , sahabat yg sukar dicari ganti...... 
Al-Fatihah ....


생일축하합니다 요섭 !!! <3

Nothing special !! ><

School works keep me busy, n so i couldn't prepare anything for Yoseob's birthday ~!

Jan 5 2010 !


B2ST is the BEST BEAST !!!!

The ‘journey’ continues…………..
So it’s time to love B2ST !!!! YES YES YES !!! The new *no more new* BEASTY group BEAST !!!
Among the 1st who bought their CD ~ Awww mannn… Don’t care those out there keep saying they’r all rejected.
Yoseob ain’t a rubbish.
So with Doojon..
Gikwang !! u’uh ~ He’s definitely the coolest AJ.
Hyungseung… is improving !
Dongwon …. Hidden talent ! Ppl keep saying he’s a no no, but no no u !
shooh shooh ~
This is seriously getting into me too fast. It just couldn’t stop. Won’t stop. Yoseobi ~~~~~
U make me feel the need to always feel young. I wanna b young again. I wanna b 15… ;_;

Yeosobieeeeee ~~~~  



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Korea Trip

Been busy the past few weeks. Y do i always do things last minute. urgh...
So me n my parents flied to Seoul on 17th November n arrived on da 18th morning. 

18th Nov 2009

The journey started. 1st, we stopped by Hyatt to get some coffee. N I told Mr Kim (dad's friend) places I wanna go, Misarang Imsil, Time Out, Music Bank, n I kinda beg if there's any chance i could attend MAMA!!! ... but ~ haha ~ it's hard to get last minute ticket. But I did manage to go to Music Bank ~! Taeyang, U-Kiss, SS501 !! ~ WOOT !Thanks Mr Kim ! Thanks Mr Lim ! Thanks Mr ... i forgot u guys' name, but still, 너무 너무 감사합니다 !!!

1st stop; Misarang Imsil Cheese Pizza / 미사랑임실치즈피자 , owned by Xiah Junsu's father.
The pizza is so cheesy. I forced myself to eat. But glad Mr KB & Mr Kim actually like it. Happiest moment, meet up with Junsu's dad !!! Woot ~!

Finally get to take pic with Junsu's dad. He seemed busy. Maybe cuz of da lawsuit thing. Anyway, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH !

19th Nov 2009

We went skiing again ! But this time Mr Kim picked Phoenix ! Last time it was Yong Pyong (Winter Sonata) It was boring cuz Mr KB didn't wanna ride the cable car to go to the higher place. Few years ago I was with my brother n friends, so we did have fun going up n down although it's our 1st time. We hit ppl n all, but it was still fun. But this time, we didn't go up, we just play around the center. hah... I guess 1st time was more fun.

20th Nov 2009

TODAY ! OMGOSH !!! HAHAHAHA ~! *beasty laugh*
Mr Kim brought me to Yoochun's Ice Cream place... Timeout Gelato baby ~! Yum yum ~ Seriously Yum ~

After that, (cuz I can't go to GD’s Shine A Light & MAMA) we went to Jemsil Stadium & Seoul Olympic Park (earlier) *LOL!*

N ! FINALLY! Uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uaw uaw uaw uwa~ *dies*


Spot Kim Tae Woo in  da cafe

Mighty Mouth candid

Wheesung candid

U-KISS - 만만하니 performance

TAEYANG - Wedding Dress performance

SS501 - Love Like This performance


MUSIC BANK baby !!! Go watch 20 Nov 09 performances ! lol ~!

21th Nov 2009 

We were supposed to fly to Busan on the day b4, but I ‘need’ Music Bank … so it was postponed.
Ahhh ~ Going back to hometown is so refreshing. Everything’s changed ~ *LOL…. Just quote what the elders said… haha.. how should I know what happened in da past when I just knew how to count ABC 123 …. *N so , here…I had fun too ! Met new friends. Really good friends. 언니 ~ 고마워요…

22th Nov 2009
Couldn’t get enough shopping yesterday, so we went out again. Me & 2 unnies ~
Games arcade !

Noraebang !
Gladly hit Mirotic, Forever With You, I Don’t Care, You & I, Nobody, n lastly 98 Degrees; My Everything..

 We ended our day by eating cheese pizza with honey, n pasta ~ New taste people. Cheese pizza + Honey, try it!


Happy ending….

Wanna know what happened when I got back? To be continued…………

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