Korea Trip

Been busy the past few weeks. Y do i always do things last minute. urgh...
So me n my parents flied to Seoul on 17th November n arrived on da 18th morning. 

18th Nov 2009

The journey started. 1st, we stopped by Hyatt to get some coffee. N I told Mr Kim (dad's friend) places I wanna go, Misarang Imsil, Time Out, Music Bank, n I kinda beg if there's any chance i could attend MAMA!!! ... but ~ haha ~ it's hard to get last minute ticket. But I did manage to go to Music Bank ~! Taeyang, U-Kiss, SS501 !! ~ WOOT !Thanks Mr Kim ! Thanks Mr Lim ! Thanks Mr ... i forgot u guys' name, but still, 너무 너무 감사합니다 !!!

1st stop; Misarang Imsil Cheese Pizza / 미사랑임실치즈피자 , owned by Xiah Junsu's father.
The pizza is so cheesy. I forced myself to eat. But glad Mr KB & Mr Kim actually like it. Happiest moment, meet up with Junsu's dad !!! Woot ~!

Finally get to take pic with Junsu's dad. He seemed busy. Maybe cuz of da lawsuit thing. Anyway, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH !

19th Nov 2009

We went skiing again ! But this time Mr Kim picked Phoenix ! Last time it was Yong Pyong (Winter Sonata) It was boring cuz Mr KB didn't wanna ride the cable car to go to the higher place. Few years ago I was with my brother n friends, so we did have fun going up n down although it's our 1st time. We hit ppl n all, but it was still fun. But this time, we didn't go up, we just play around the center. hah... I guess 1st time was more fun.

20th Nov 2009

TODAY ! OMGOSH !!! HAHAHAHA ~! *beasty laugh*
Mr Kim brought me to Yoochun's Ice Cream place... Timeout Gelato baby ~! Yum yum ~ Seriously Yum ~

After that, (cuz I can't go to GD’s Shine A Light & MAMA) we went to Jemsil Stadium & Seoul Olympic Park (earlier) *LOL!*

N ! FINALLY! Uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uaw uaw uaw uwa~ *dies*


Spot Kim Tae Woo in  da cafe

Mighty Mouth candid

Wheesung candid

U-KISS - 만만하니 performance

TAEYANG - Wedding Dress performance

SS501 - Love Like This performance


MUSIC BANK baby !!! Go watch 20 Nov 09 performances ! lol ~!

21th Nov 2009 

We were supposed to fly to Busan on the day b4, but I ‘need’ Music Bank … so it was postponed.
Ahhh ~ Going back to hometown is so refreshing. Everything’s changed ~ *LOL…. Just quote what the elders said… haha.. how should I know what happened in da past when I just knew how to count ABC 123 …. *N so , here…I had fun too ! Met new friends. Really good friends. 언니 ~ 고마워요…

22th Nov 2009
Couldn’t get enough shopping yesterday, so we went out again. Me & 2 unnies ~
Games arcade !

Noraebang !
Gladly hit Mirotic, Forever With You, I Don’t Care, You & I, Nobody, n lastly 98 Degrees; My Everything..

 We ended our day by eating cheese pizza with honey, n pasta ~ New taste people. Cheese pizza + Honey, try it!


Happy ending….

Wanna know what happened when I got back? To be continued…………

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