B2ST is the BEST BEAST !!!!

The ‘journey’ continues…………..
So it’s time to love B2ST !!!! YES YES YES !!! The new *no more new* BEASTY group BEAST !!!
Among the 1st who bought their CD ~ Awww mannn… Don’t care those out there keep saying they’r all rejected.
Yoseob ain’t a rubbish.
So with Doojon..
Gikwang !! u’uh ~ He’s definitely the coolest AJ.
Hyungseung… is improving !
Dongwon …. Hidden talent ! Ppl keep saying he’s a no no, but no no u !
shooh shooh ~
This is seriously getting into me too fast. It just couldn’t stop. Won’t stop. Yoseobi ~~~~~
U make me feel the need to always feel young. I wanna b young again. I wanna b 15… ;_;

Yeosobieeeeee ~~~~  



mood : accomplished
music:B2ST - 아직은

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hikari said...

im heart sick~lol
well yoseob.
cz of u lyn leave gd n massu.hehehe