This is something EVERYONE must watch !!!

Gile la lawak bende ni!! Even without subs, aku bantai tgk. Cuz of DONGHO ! The cutest LEADER ! AHAHHAH ~! Rida yesh ! *I spazz a lot lately*

Dongho I know u’r kinda useless in U-Kiss ~ LOL ~! Dongho can’t dance, Dongho can’t sing, but Dongho can surely put up on shows ~! GAGAGA ~! Gile lawak !!!


EP 1 : All the maknae r funny ~ I didn’t know Mighty Mouth can b funny too ! Anywho, Dongho is da best ~ lalala ~ love their teamworks! They talked bout Nicole-Hara love triangle. The high jumps part r da best! Aww poor Dongho. Got hit on da head ~! “띵!!!” It surely hurts man ~
HAHA ~! Jinwoon’s “I believe I can fly ~~~~”

EP 2 : Everyone did a small prank on Dongho ! Watch Dongho put on the “리더” thing ! Seunghyun missed the best point. So it’s a ‘no no’ from nuna ~ Nuna loves Jinwoon even from the start ~ But Lee Seunggi is still the 1st one ~ gagagaga~ Most got “너는 내 님자” … Dongho got “너는 내 조카” instead ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~ LOL !!!! He’s a boy not a man ~ lol

EP 3 : Today there’s special appearance from ‘BI!’ !!! Dongho’s late again.. If I was there, I would rise 5 flowers for Dongho !!! But I won’t watch what he’s doing.. It’s too embarrassing ! Uwa uwa ~! He did something beyond my expectation ~ Dongho’s strong ! gagagaga~ Now I wanna skip to ep4, cuz it’s more fun !

EP 4 : It’s Shinee RING DING DONG ! hoho~ Shinee Jonghyun, Key & TAEMIN ! Watch Dongho n his “리더” again ! ngengengenge~~~ I hate Key in some ways though he’s strong. He’s like Jinwoon… both r strong ~ But Key’s stronger I guess.. haha ~ No offence Shinee World. They still talk bout Nicole-Hara love triangle. Now that Key is there, they can talk a lot bout it ~ huhu~
Key bullied Dongho a lot ! It’s 만만하니 rivals. Key VS Dongho ! LOL !! Sunghyun Abracacdabra ~! Key LaChaTa, dace to Sign, n 2 SNSDs ~
DONGHO ! DONGHO ! DONGHO ! Key won again. N there he goes with 만만하니 Dongho-imitation… There’s just so many cute-Dongho moments ~ haha.. Taemin’s da weakest one.

EP 5 : This is the best episode so far ! They did Star Golden Bell. N they call other celebs. –Nicole-Key part is a must watch!
Nicole was so cute! “여보셔! Hello ~~ 나 지 금녹음하고 있옹!!!” HAHAHAHAH ~
Jinwoon “기범이가 좋아 , 내가좋아?” uwa uwa uwa uwa ~ he finally said it ! kekeke~
K go watch the rest ~ hoho
THE HIGHLIGHT IS ..... *drumrolls*        

ULJJANG CHALLENGE ! HAHAHAH ~! I skip to d end.. DONGHO WON ! hahah ` over Taemin n other maknaes ! kekeke~ He’s da cutest ! I love everyone too though. Everyone is pretty ! Even Jinwoon ! haha~
신동호 is 신동순 !!! ahahhaha ~

K go watch the rest ~ hoho

Can't wait for Ep 6 !!!

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