Shuffle TAG !

 It's my turn now ! hoho ~ Some parts are funny n weird n scary.... lol~! 
I feel like posting this everyday just to let my blog stay updated ~ keke... 

Put your itunes/ipod on shuffle
For each question, press the next button and the title of the song is your answer

1. Describe yourself ?
Shake It Up (SuperJunior)

2. What do people feel when they’re around you?
Urin Big Bang (Big Bang) ---- AWESOME !!! We are all BIG BANG *imitates TOP* ! keke

3. Describe your current relationship ?
Good Man (RL) --- Us? lol ~ *yea like there's 'us' for me~ LOL*

4. Where would you like to be right now?
Yet (B2ST) --- e? o_0

5. How do you feel about love?
Drips (SE7EN)

6. What is your life like?
The Leaders (GDragon ft Teddy & CL) --- Woot woot !!!

7. What would you wish for if you only had one wish?
Butterfly (GDragon ft Jin Jung) --- yea, to fly like a butterflyyy ~~~

8. Say something wise ?
Babo (Big Bang) --- LOL!!!!!#R@#%)

9. How would you describe yourself?
Sign (Brown Eyed Girls)

10. What do you look for in a guy?
Put Your Hands Up (Big Bang) --- ALWAYS raise ur hands up to those who wanna b my guy !

11. How do you feel today ?
L.O.V.E (SuperJunior)  --- ... cuz I'll be seeing my brothers today?

12. What’s your life’s purpose?
Somebody To Love (Tohoshinki) --- .... yep yep ~ I'm lacking of love ~

13. What is your motto?
Nur Salawat --- Alhamdulillah ~ akhernye ~

14. What do your friends think of you?
Holding Back The Tears (TVXQ)

15. What do your parents think of you?
What If (SuperJunior) --- what if what huh?nampak sangat diorang ragu2 ngan aku ~ haha

16. What do you think about very often?
Wonder Boy (SuperJunior) --- kakaka~

17. What do you think of your best friend?
A Sinner (Taeyang) --- LOL!!! YOUtachi ! haha ~! U guys r sinners ! cepat2 taubat !
18. What do you think of the person you like?
LOVE (CN Blue) --- ofcuz looo ~

19. What is your life story?
Love Song (SuperJunior M)

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Take Your Hands (Tohoshinki) --- ..... sorete?

21. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Darkness Eyes (Tohoshinki) --- erk!

22. What will you dance to at your wedding?
No? (Tohoshinki) --- yes, so this proves that I'll b marrying Jaejoong since it's his fav song!

23. What will play at your funeral?
My Destiny (Tohoshinki) --- kanashii ....... T_T~

24. Biggest fear?
Our Love (SuperJunior) --- wth with love love all love ?

25. Biggest secret
La La La (Big Bang) --- even I don't get it ~ LOL

Thanks to Nana Unn for the tag !
n now I'm taggin' ...
... so DO IT !

My mp3 loves SuperJunior? Thank u for playing at least 1 Beast... At least i don't feel like betraying my boys ~ ><


Fatin Fauzi said...

chait atas smp bawah love love love je. pffft. haha

Miss Marliana said...

finally I got to read this post!!? sorry dear~~ and I also haven't update my link to ur blog....haisy~ will do so tonite :)