Big Bang Japan Performance list (June/July)

Sorry Dongbang for ignoring u. It's ur fault.
I'm so sorry but I LOVE U !

BIG BANG JAPAN PERFORMANCES [june/july] (My Heaven & Gara Gara Go!)

I've been keeping track on this. Cuz I've already missed lots of things. I'm not gonna let it happens again.

28th June 2009 : NHK Music Japan MY HEAVEN
4th July 2009 : Campus Night Fuji MY HEAVEN
15th July 2009 : NHK BS2 Wednesday MY HEAVEN

15th July 2009 : NHK BS2 Wednesday GARA GARA GO!
17th July 2009 : Music Station GARA GARA GO!
28th July 2009 : Music Fighter GARA GARA GO!

I have a feeling I am still missing few things.... -_-'''


How can they not love Japan? Ofcuz they will... Japan's stages r always cool. It makes them look so cool no matter how chill their clothes r. *never was..just saying*

Gosh ` I seriously love u BONG for tieing ur hair like that. It makes u look so mature. JeeZ ~ Don't hate urself for not knowing how to answer the hosts, Bae helped ~ N Baby ` I LOVE U! even when u didn't say anything, i still LOVE U! N Tabi ~ U surely gonna be da 1st in J-fans rankin'. U can surely make da looks man ~ LOL! Dae.. change hair plz? *i mean it*

I wish they could perform Emotion....da best BB-J ever! Baby sounds so cool ! I love his voice here... ^____________^

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