1st Leadership & Management class

1st time gi leadership ... masok2 dah kene sound
"U should give salam.. It's the younger who's supposed to give salam, not the older, right class?"

Bkn salah patik.. patik tgh blur time tu ... tsk tsk tsk ~
Honestly... it's not that fun..


People need to stop being selfish. 1st u chose this, n disagree with other people n then u went back and agree with whatever people have already disagreed?.. What da .. !??!!
It's ANNOYING man!

N do u think whatever u did in class just now was cool? u think everyone envies u? Dude... gth ~


I need to get a life.. get a bf... n live a wonderful life.
ごめんね お母さん、お父さん。 I always blurt out bout how i hate it when u say bout けっこん, but now I think I can't wait for it ~ harharhar....

Ah ~ This is embarrasing.. change topic..


K turns out there's nothing more to say.
Enough for now..

mood : blah
music:BIG BANG-Fool


hikari said...

ko blur..ak rase nk melawan..ye ye ye..ak da angguk byk kali die bebel lagi

BoNG said...

ape ko cakap ni.. peneng aku ~ HAHA