Seungri - Why Did You Come To My House Movie

I only get da chance to download this movie today. Pft.... 1.36GB!

Aw man.... I can't wait to c Baby's reactions towards stalker ~ hahaha~ Wow ~ Letting him act in such movie..... *THUMBS UP!*

I love u in Sonagi~ I so can't wait to watch this.

Japanese n Korean artists r so different. Koreans never bother someone's status. I didn't mean it in a harsh way. Mostly, Japanese; only leaders of ones' groups get the chance to do cool stuffs n be more famous than other members. Even when.. u know u'r not that good.. u only got da looks ... I still love u 山P.. HAHA~

Anyway.......... when can I download Heaven Postman? U... Jaejoong..... tsk...

미안하다 ...... 사랑한다 재중ㅏ~~

mood : gloomy

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