Wish me luck cuz I'm gonna wish u all da best too for the finals. IIUM Students.. DO YOUR BEST !

Hopefully, u and me will do something, as we call faulty actions or impractical motions. Eveyone is striking for excellence and do things perfectly to attain the best way of life. But there's limits. Man, what am I saying here.

Tetibe teringat. Anak sorang cikgu SKBBS dulu ade ckp.. hebat la budak tu.. baru darjah 2 kot time tu.

"Practice makes perfect!
But everyone is not perfect!
So don't practice!"

HAHAHHA ~ Tabik ~! Even so it's still wrong, I know. So people.. Lets be genius by choice & not by force.
Don't ever forget Him, The Almighty, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful. Those who leave everything in Allah's hand will eventually see Allah's hand in every thing.

mood : sick

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