Find ..... fool's only tears

OK..Youngsaeng. What have u done?
nothing nothing~
*la la la*
Who asked u to ignore me..
*la la la*
I'm still glad u'r still somewhere here.... *points to her heart*
The perfect mood for now is ...


I didn't mean to b in such manner.
I've never been in love
*I mean like.... seriously !......?! ~ haha*
This is why I never liked to look at any translations.
Understand certain words; it is already enough for me.

BB's lyrics always caught me.
I just went through few old songs and
listen back to Seungri's 눈물뿐인 바.
Oh ~ He's da main reason y I love this song again.

Cause I’m so hurt and so angry
I didn’t want to believe it
Your two eyes and your lips is where I was living
Telling me to leave you now
How can you say that to me
I was so shocked that I let you leave

The memories of my love for you held me
Once happy words made me cry
Even before I had a chance
To ask you not to leave
You already turned and threw everything away
Even turning back the time that had passed
And giving all the pain that I gave you
If that only meant that you would stay with me
I’m content with that I’m content forever

Even if one day and one month passes, time is pointless
Even if I listen to your voice
Without being able to say a word
Saying that I’ll forget you to
How can I do that
My so very edgy heart
Please don't leave me baby

A stupid guy with only tears
Even if I stay like that
It’s impossible to forget you
I can’t do anything about that and every night
Again tears baby, come back to me please

Saying you’ll forget no way, I only think of you
That one picture I took with you
I can’t end it and I look at the picture instead
If it’s not you, I cannot love again
I don’t even want to and I just can’t
It can only be you now
Plz come back here

In a multitude of people
I was able to protect you I can live for you ma baby
Until now
My heart lost its way and the owner of my heart
Is only you ma lady
Without you I can’t breath
Come back to me girl
I miss you so much

Cuz you're ma love

Cuz I love you
I love you
Cuz I love you

mood : awake
music:SEUNGRI-A Fool's Only Tears

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